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**Inspired by Nonviolent Communication™️**

If we ourselves remain angry and then sing world peace, it has little meaning. First, our individual self must learn peace. This we can practice. Then we can teach the rest of the world.  

                   -- Dalai Lama 

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Meditation by the Sea


Jane teaches a responsive, nurturing yoga class for people during their work day. Students find both grounding and inspiration as their teacher guides them, weaving personal meaning and awareness into their actions. Physical poses, mindfulness practices and safe exploration are some of what students can expect. Jane offers her yoga students choice and exploring self-awareness of what's alive in them. Through yoga practice, we can find clarity, balance and a touch of added beauty in our day.


Physical postures: Included are asanas (poses) that can provide people with relief from, for example, sitting in a chair, by opening the psoas (hip-area) muscles. Students gradually work on chest/torso expansion, lengthening of the spine, shoulder stretching, twists, strengthening, balance/counter-poses, rejuvenation/heat-building, and always, relaxation. Energetically, Jane's yoga students can cultivate feeling self-awareness, grounded, free expression, balance, focus, and joy. Interaction among students may be incorporated in the form of some partner yoga practices, depending on the needs of the group.

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We live in a world fraught with pain and trauma. But the basis of humanity is connection; humans are hard-wired for togetherness. Jane helps guide you to that place of self-connection and connection with people in your life.

Private coaching is available for the individual, couple or family experiencing conflict and a desire for peace. Students and people in the workplace can benefit from  coaching as well. Jane will work with you to increase your capacity for a heart-open consciousness, making the choices you really desire to express your inner longings. We take into account everyone's needs.


Jane helps you to greatly transform your worldview, finding relief, peace, joy and freedom within and in your community.


Jane offers a unique class with:


*yoga poses

*partner or group talking

*mindfulness practices

*breathing exercises 

Connect your breath, body, mind, stories and reality - find union in this special kind of yoga class.

Head to yoga class to connect with what is alive in you, with what is making life less than wonderful, or what you'd like to celebrate that is wonderful in your life. Practice physical yoga poses appropriate for your level.


Then TALK IT OUT! Jane will guide you in how to give and get empathy, and then it's your turn to engage with a partner in class. We round out class with a series of integrative postures to help you embody whatever shift or deepened self-awareness you attained during class. Leave feeling refreshed and re-balanced, connected with yourself and  community.




About Jane Zawadowski



It was on the eve of Election Day 2000, as Jane reacted to personal and political events, that she experienced her first panic attack, landing her in the hospital. Thus began Jane's journey on the healing path of yoga, as she strove to balance physical and mental well-being. 

In the last almost 2 decades, yoga has been Jane's go-to. She's practiced prenatal and postnatal yoga with each of her 3 (now-teenaged) children. She's participated in yoga retreats in India, Thailand, and China. She became a 100-hour certified teacher in 2014, with School Yoga Institute, on the Buddhist Emei Mountain near Chengdu, China. Most recently, Jane is a proud graduate of Room to Breathe's 200-hour yoga teacher training in Chicago July, 2019. 

Professional / Hobbies:


Jane's professional background has been as a community organizer in Chicago; project manager with the Chicago Crime Commission for juveniles in the criminal justice system; conference planner for the Criminal Justice department at Loyola University Chicago; founding Board Member of the Ten Thousand Villages store in Oak Park, Illinois; and teacher of English as a Second Language and Special Education in China and Chicago for 9 years. Her interests include single motherhood, singing, dancing, nature, reading, political activism, Vipassana meditation, classical and World music, travel, languages, and veganism. 


Jane and family lived in China for 5 years and they return almost annually to their family's adopted home. Additionally, Jane values local cultures and cross-cultural communication, and speaks 5 languages: English, German, Polish, Chinese and some Spanish.

Nonviolent Communication:


Jane enjoys her devoted personal practices of yoga, meditation and Nonviolent Communication, which help bring a certain quality of connection and joy in her home life in Oak Park, Illinois with her 3 teenager children and with her friends and family.

Jane intends to become a certified Nonviolent Communication trainer with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication ( She has studied with John Kinyon, Miki Kashtan, Jack Lehman, and Robert Gonzales. Jane has taught her understandings of NVC in China and has attended 30 days of trainings and experienced hundreds of hours leading and participating in practice groups for 8 years. Jane works with individuals, couples and groups sharing her understanding of the consciousness and practices of Nonviolent Communication.

Jane's vision


  • To introduce and maintain tailored, mindful yoga techniques for the overall physical and emotional health and camaraderie of yoga students, employees, patients and private clients.

  • To contribute to the well-being and productivity of people’s workplace, clinical setting and/or home life, with skills-building and practices inspired by Nonviolent Communication™.

  • To help work for social justice and systemic change with clients and by conducting trainings for adults and youth.

  • To flow with discovery, honesty and a more integrated practice of empathy for herself and others.

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